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SA/F22 Pelvimetry Model

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SA/F23 Pelvis With Fetal Heads Model

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SA/F35 Advanced Gynecological Examination Simulator

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SA/F51 Posterior Vaginal Vault Puncture Model

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It consists of an outer skin, fixed abdominal organs, uterus, uterorectal concave blood sac, vagina, rectal water sac, and stent. The outer skin is applied over the entire exterior of the model and the device for fixing the abdominal organs is used to fix each functional organ in their respective positions. The four parts of the model are uterine rectal recess water sac, rectal water sac, uterus, vagina

SA/FW2 Maternity Examination Simulator

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The birth of a healthy baby is inseparable from the strict and meticulous prenatal examination of the pregnant woman, which is very important for the future of the baby. Our company has designed this model according to the various standardized checkup steps that pregnant women must master during prenatal checkups. The model is designed and manufactured according to the body size of a standard pregnant woman and is made of elastomer molding.

SA/HS8 Child Venipuncture Arm Model

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